These picture books can be shared from birth onwards.

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New baby? So awesome! Your little one getting into preschool soon? Amazing how they grow!

It’s never too soon to start thinking about fostering a love of reading and books in your child. From birth onwards, books should be an important part of your child’s life, and I’m not talking about ebooks. They’ll have their place later on down the track. But printed books with pages, words and pictures is what your baby, toddler and child needs. It teaches them physical interaction skills as well as pre-reading skills, and the benefits…

Customize with pulses and eggs for a protein-rich veggie feast!

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Go veg!

We’re all trying to eat a bit less meat these days. Some of us are going for broke — vegetarian or vegan — and in my view, it’s a fabulous development. Why? Because, when I was growing up, there was no such thing as a vegetarian dish. My brother still feels weak if he’s not presented with a large lump of cooked animal, regardless of what else is on the plate.

When I first heard about vegetarians as a teenager some 25 years ago, I thought to myself, how can…

SO Healthy and filling, a family favorite.

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I came up with this recipe several years ago when my sister and I first decided to wean ourselves off added sugars. This meant no more jars or cans of pre-made sauces to throw on our pastas and casseroles.

My sister doesn’t cook. So naturally, it was me who did the heavy lifting. Who am I kidding, I love experimenting with food!

One of our favorite meals was chicken, vegetables in a pre-made creamy sauce. We would have it with pasta or often just on its own. …

Delicious, super-healthy and everyone loves them.

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Mm, nachos. I have to say, of all the many and varied cuisines I love to try out at home, Mexican is probably my number one comfort food choice. There’s something about the warm, but not too painful spices (okay, I know Mexican can be super-spicy, but not the way I do it!), the colorful veggies and the delicious blend of corn and cheese that really makes me feel at home.

Today, I’m sharing my favorite nacho sauce, which you can use on top of corn chips or in the filling of burritos or…

Ask Wendy: Dating, Sex & Relationship Advice for the Bold

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Hey Wendy,

There’s an old romanticized saying: “If you want her, go get her.” But it seems the more modern model is, “If she’s not giving you the time of day, go find someone else who will.”

I’m stuck in a crappy situation. A woman I want to be in a relationship with is showing me a bit of interest but is also giving me mixed signals, and sometimes she’s aloof. What do I do with that?

Jeremy K.


Hey Jeremy,

How do you feel about partnering with someone…

Ask Wendy: Dating, Sex & Relationship Advice for the Bold

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Hey Wendy,

I’ve been married for many years. We married young. He is a wonderful, smart, ethical, handsome man that I’ve never been attracted to. It seemed he didn’t have any interest in physical intimacy with me either. Looking back, I believe we married because it was socially acceptable in our community.

Throughout the years we’ve kept busy as a way to escape our not-working marriage.

At this point, I feel sorry for him and I feel sorry for me. We are past the point of having children, and we…

…if you won the lottery? Money! Money… Money?

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Imagine you won the lottery. And not just enough to make back the cost of the ticket. I’m talking jackpot, division one, seriously big money, millions and millions.

All yours.

What would you do?

Buy things? Give to the poor? Fund an arts or science program? Buy things?

There’s a saying. ‘Money won’t buy you happiness.’ Do you believe it? I used to believe it. But nowadays I’m not so sure.

Money = Bad?

Is the love of money the root of all evil, as the Bible tells us? There is no question that people…

Cooking in the ‘Fairy Tales Challenge’, the steaks are high…

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Today’s challenge is to create a dish inspired by a fairy tale. You have two hours — so inspire us and remind us of our childhoods — in a grown up and sophisticated way, of course!

Hmm, can’t think of a single fairy tale except Red Riding Hood but impressive as the MasterChef pantry is, I doubt there’s wolf meat in there. Think, dammit!

Your time — starts — now!


Right. What do I do? I guess I could start with some pork belly. Everyone loves pork belly. But…

Who made ‘vanilla’ a dirty word? I’m bringing it back!

Image courtesy of Leave Room For Dessert.

Oh my goodness, I just love vanilla.

Sure. But isn’t it a bit — well, vanilla?

Shut up. Shut up right now. You know NOTHING.

The glorious Nigella Lawson knows what I mean about ‘the cozy sweetness of vanilla.’

Not that I need reassurance that I’m right. Because I just know, in my heart of hearts, that vanilla is the queen of flavors.

I put vanilla into many, many things, regardless of what the recipe says. Pancake mix with added vanilla, for example, is a triumph. And I should mention…

How to get your story accepted, clapped and curated

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If you are interested in writing articles for Life Your Way, here are some tips and advice on getting your writing accepted, and ultimately getting more reads, more claps, more fans and more money!

General Advice

Grammar and spelling are important. Always review your work before you submit it for publication. A great tip is to read your work aloud — it’s amazing the little mistakes you pick up when you are forced to focus on each word.

Having said that, we aren’t particularly worried about your comma use or your preference for…

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