Happy Pi Day From Life360!

Any excuse for pie is a good excuse. Pi Day, of course, is a great excuse!

We like having various cook-offs, food competitions, themed potlucks and the like, so we just added another event with Pi Day. We had pretty good turnout for this event, with everything from a vegan banana cashew pie to the traditional apple pie to the crowd favorite mango mousse pie, baked (to everyone’s surprise) by fellow Life360 blogger Amol Kher.

However, today’s event was the first time we added a penalty for not bringing a themed item; there was a game of Pie Face waiting for those moochers who brought nothing (including myself I’m afraid, though I did bring the ice cream above!)

by Hasbro

I’m proud (?) to say that I took my turn in the pie seat, but I also missed being pie’d as you can see in the video below. However, Oleg wasn’t quite as lucky, as you can also see in the video.

The hand jumps a little every time you turn the crank; simply evil

In any case, much fun (and much pie) was had by all, and that’s why we do things like this at Life360!

Like Pie? Work at Life360!

Life360 is creating the largest membership service for families by developing technology that helps managing family life easier and safer. We also eat pie. There is so much more to do as we get there and we’re looking for talented people to join the team: check out our jobs page.



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