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Perks of Working at Bench

At Bench, we truly believe that people are everything. We maintain this belief in our principle ‘Keep it Human’ as we foster and maintain a human-centric approach to everything we do.

Over the past couple of pandemic years now (wild), what it means to be human has shifted in ways that we could have never imagined. That being said, it hasn’t all been that bad; we have adapted to working from home, spent more time on ourselves, specifically, on what some might like to call ‘self-care’, and have fostered connections with folks in ways that we never thought possible.

As humans, we have displayed such resilience and adaptability. A lot of this work comes from self-motivation and determination, but it is also great when there are ‘perks’ in place to help individuals feel more supported and empowered!

At Bench, we want to provide that support for our Benchmates to help them feel empowered not only at work but also in their day-to-day lives.

To start, we can agree that Mental Health has been experienced in different ways since the pandemic hit AND, more importantly, the spotlight on mental health has been amplified- more people are talking about it. As soon as Bench realized that the pandemic would be the new normal for quite some time, the company put out a Mental Health Guide recognizing the new barriers people were facing! This guide not only supports Benchmates but is also accessible for folks external to Bench. In addition, we created a partnership with Inkblot to provide Benchmates with affordable and accessible mental health resources. And even FURTHER, we now offer $1,000 CAD/year for psychologists, social workers, and registered counselors. How cool is that?!?

Not to mention we also have vacation days, unlimited flex days because we don’t want Benchmates to worry about the things that are most important in life, like LIVING. So days where your child falls sick or your dog gets into the trash bin and eats something that makes them feel unwell, we want folks to feel empowered to step away and take the time they need.

Beyond vacation and flex days we also have unlimited health days, short-term illness leave, and parental leave. Life can be unpredictable at times so if you find yourself feeling like you need a mental health day to reset or need extended leave to prioritize yourself, we got you!

This really only begins to touch the surface of all the amazing perks that we offer at Bench. Stay tuned as we continue to dive into all the other amazing things that make Bench, Bench.

An incredible overview of our incredible perks! Seriously.

Author: Jordan Palesch (she/her), Senior Recruitment Specialist



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