Employee Spotlight: Kimberly Simon, Senior Marketing Manager with Bisk

Hey Everyone, meet Kimberly Simon, Senior Marketing Manager with Bisk. We asked her a few questions about herself and her experience as a Bisk Employee.

Question #1: What’s your favorite aspect of working at Bisk?

While there are many reasons I enjoy working at Bisk, the thing that stands out to me the most is that because the business is ever evolving, so am I. I truly feel like I learn something new almost every day or, at the very least, I am challenged to improve skills I already have.

No two days are alike in my position and that is something I thrive on. If I did the same thing over and over again I would become bored very quickly.

Question #2: Who inspires you?

Professionally, I would say strong leaders inspire me the most. The ones who cause you to sit up just a little straighter in your chair when they walk in the room. The ones you know will ask the tough questions and push you to defend your reasoning. Not because they think you are wrong, but to help you grow as a person. They don’t accept the status quo or indirect answers. They push you to be better.

Personally, my best friend just recently went into remission after a long battle with cancer and to watch how she approached that battle, never letting anything get the best of her and continuously fighting, is more inspiring than anything I have ever seen. It reminds me daily that I truly am blessed and there is nothing going on in my life I can’t overcome.

Question #3: What’s your professional passion?

If you ask anyone on my team, they will tell you that I am an extremely competitive person, both personally and professionally. I grew up playing multiple sports, so working as a team toward a common goal is ingrained in me. My passion is winning, or at least leaving it all out on the field trying to.

I believe every action we take to get to our goal truly matters. Any chance I get, even if it is just a quick win for the brands I work on, for my team, for the marketing department or for Bisk in general, I jump all over it!

Question #4: What’s the last book you read? What did you learn?

Technically, the last book I read was “Grumpy Cat” with my daughter. I learned he really was just grumpy and no insect could change that.

But since I assume you were looking for something a bit more professional, I am currently reading books regarding Business Analytics for the certificate course I am taking through Michigan State University. It is only week one, so it is a little early to tell you what I have learned just yet.

Question #5: Just for fun, who is your least favorite Muppet and why?

Cookie Monster. He wastes so many cookies and I am just not OK with that. :J

Thanks for sharing Kim!

Written by Mark.