Giving Back to Our Community

Have you ever walked 2.3 miles in the baking hot sun picking up garbage just because you wanted to give back? Well, I have, and I must admit that while it was not easy to work, it was rewarding work.

I am very fortunate in that I work for a family owned organization that is very invested in its community, as well as its employees. Through Bisk I have had the opportunity to participate in various charity activities such as Paint Your Heart Out.

Mike Bisk recently expressed a desire to become involved in the Adopt-A-Highway program and so we made it happen.

Bisk adopted a 2.3 mile stretch of Martin Luther King from Cragmont Drive to 68th Street in Tampa. Employees are encouraged to participate but not mandated. Time spent picking up garbage is paid time, on a weekday afternoon which makes it much easier for people to afford themselves the opportunity to participate without taking away from their family time.

Why was it important for us to get involved? Well, our Tampa location is just off Martin Luther King and isn’t it nice to travel a clean street as your making your way into work? It dresses up the community; you’d be amazed at the difference it makes. Maybe it will even encourage people not to litter.

You learn a lot of things when you get involved in something like this. Such as:

  • 2.3 miles is a long way
  • You don’t see all of the garbage when driving by, only the bigger stuff
  • After cleaning it up, there is a marked difference
  • Trash picker-uppers will wear out your forearm
  • Nothing is more refreshing than a soaking wet, cold towel and a bottle of cold water
  • We work with a bunch of really great people which we already knew, but we found it extends well beyond the office
  • There are a lot of car parts on the side of the road
  • People don’t hesitate to throw cigarette butts out the window of their cars, and I mean a LOT of them.

To sum up the experience, I would say that I appreciate the opportunity Bisk has afforded me and look forward to participating again in the future.

Written by Allison

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