New Employee Finds Welcoming, Creative Environment

Florida Institute of Technology (FIT) campus

Starting a new job can be daunting but my first day on the Bisk campus proved it doesn’t always have to be. I was immediately welcomed into my new role.

People came up and introduced themselves and took me out to lunch so I wouldn’t have to eat by myself the first few weeks, which is always a relief! My onboarding schedule was organized and concise. I was given tasks to discuss on a weekly basis with my director; from here, we were able to establish goals and responsibilities. There was 100% transparency.

I have been at Bisk for almost three months now, and I can honestly say I have yet to have a bad day. Every day I am challenged. I feel utilized and important, something I lacked in my previous role. My boss and coworkers believe in collaboration, and that has been the biggest asset for me in my social media role.

Jacksonville University (JU) campus

I have had the opportunity to travel to two of our clients’ campuses and learn more about their culture and why students love their school. Working in this kind of environment has allowed me to be creative and have a positive impact toward our business objectives on social media.

Flowers from the FIT campus

So far, my biggest lesson in my time at Bisk has been to have an open mind. There are so many great people who are truly passionate about their work and want to make positive changes in their area of expertise. Hard work is valued in this organization and working in this kind of atmosphere keeps me motivated to perform my best every day.

Flowers on the JU campus

Bisk is making big changes in the online education world and I am excited to be part of this journey. I look forward to growing with Bisk and seeing the opportunities in store for me in the future.

Written by Alexis

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