Lifebar Community E3 Awards

Hey Kojima, what do you want to showcase in the trailer for your new game? ‘Norman Reedus holding his Norman Feetus.’

- Threctory

Norman Reedus now joins Arnold Schwarzenegger in a very exclusive club. Male Actors who have been pregnant on screen. Thanks Kojima

- Slag

If anything is going to get me to buy a ps4 it’s this game right here

- MysticScribe

Oh, Horizon. How you’ve swooned me with your post-apocalyptic crafting and your robot-hunting. I expect good things.

- SilverGlyph

That was gloriously terrible. The only way this could have been a worse demo, is if his controller was disconnected the entire time.

- DarthSmurfX

Just when I thought it could not get worse for Videos on this Game… the VR demo

- zaptan

I’ve always wanted a dragon companion to fight monsters with

- MysticScribe

I don’t want any of this. Poorly implemented co-op, bad voice overs and bad “sense” of swagger & style.

- katet

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