(Almost) Everybody LIES at Medium

Get rid of every app. None of the millions of apps will challenge yourself rather than you erasing every single one.

The only way to improve yourself is in the “arena”, in the real world. Behind a screen everybody is perfect, smart, pretty, skinny, honest, etc.

I met a girl the other day, she looks bold in Instagram, but in the real life she is shy, a lot and has extreme fear.

Do not trust the writers here neither. They looks they have all figure out, but if you see them in the real life I am pretty sure they are doing the opposite they “teach”. They are only persuasive writers whom needs to increase their egos.

Here you can learn about politics, programing lenguages, design, but no way you can learn about self help, depression, anxiety, or any mental disorder someone overcame, you just can get a few tips and then, you have to put yourself in the situations you want to achive.

Mostly people put excuses in order to justify their failures, do not be like them.

“No calm sea did not make an expert sailor”

Do not live in the calm sea..