And so it begins…

Welcome to my Life.

Hey there!

My name is Amr and I’m a fellow human being. I’m currently finishing up my degree in psychology at Ryerson University. I’m also an avid consumer and creator in the tech world. I’ve launched many unsuccessful businesses and have yet to make it. However, I’m confident that one day I will, whether that will be in my lifetime or beyond is still in question.

The blog will serve as a documentary/thought diary of my life. I’ll be talking about a variety of things in life, but it will mostly focus on topics pertaining to the human mind and behaviour as well as business and entrepreneurial aspects of my life as well as Life in general.

I’ve tried this blog thing before and never continued. I’m determined to give this another chance, although I might end eating my words…

Anyways, thanks again for stopping by. You’re welcomed to come say hi at any time, I enjoy it when you’re here 😀.