Five years of cold showers with Wim Hof

Last week, I was listening to a Wim Hof podcast. In it, Wim explained that the body is basically an autonomous system. You don’t have to do anything to breathe, to pump your blood, to process food. The body can take care of itself fine without any conscious interference. About five years ago, I started with cold showers, the Wim Hof method. This method consists of three parts: breathing, cold exposure and dedication. When I started, I used the breathing techniques before I took the cold showers. I used the breathing techniques to help my body deal with the cold exposure. For five years, I used breathing techniques every time I was under the ice cold water, every morning. Until last week. Last week, I just surrendered. I just let my body deal with the cold without my help, without the help of breathing techniques. I turns out my body doesn’t need the help of breathing techniques to deal with the cold. Breathing turned out just to be a crutch, a mental model that is not needed to deal with cold. The journey of cold showers has brought me many wonderful things of which the total surrender is the latest.



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Dennis Hambeukers

Design Thinker, Agile Evangelist, Practical Strategist, Creativity Facilitator, Business Artist, Corporate Rebel, Product Owner