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As Systems Unite.

We are building our own prisons and walking into them freely.

Systems regulate behavior, organize tasks and control information — a useful function until they reach a certain size. Today the most powerful systems of the world are linking up and becoming centralized.

Presidents, leaders, CEOs, Billionaires come and go within any system, while it keeps growing and gains more control. Artificial Intelligence will soon be the “soul” of most systems as all information and all industries and individuals will be connected to this “central brain” we are building. This brain will at some point have a convincing argument that is knows more and can compute faster than any human and therefore AI, not humans should be in charge of everything. Running trains, planning cities, medical decisions — everything.

Presently we are at the stage where the surveillance networks are being built, data-banks are being filled with information about all citizens (and non-). AI will know our habits, transgressions, opinions, political persuasion and associates. The positions of gathering and overseeing this information may presently be filled with decent, sensible human beings, but those people will retire at some point and others will come that may only be in it for themselves. The interconnected systems we are building is tailor made for power-hungry scoundrels.

In China, using either cellphone GPS or face-recognition, cameras give personalized warnings with loudspeakers to jay-walkers, then subtracting good-citizen points from the law-breakers.

At every step towards total control over it’s citizens, the System uses the same justification:
To protect the life and health of its people” and the solution is always “to regulate behavior” of the people.

Back throughout my Danish history we have had good and bad kings and queens, and there was little the people could do about that. As a side-note, we say that in Denmark there will never be a revolution, because here is too little time between the meals. The system we are building may as well be called a Monarchy — and it is terrific when there are smart & compassionate people in charge, the trouble is “how do you get the right people in charge of things?

If we had a free press investigating the whole truth — and voters would pay more attention we would have a chance.
If schools were teaching self-reliance we could have generations that could think.
If politicians were there for the people and not for advancing the prevailing power, life would have a chance to evolve into the paradise this planet was built to be.

But we are not having any of that. As back in ancient Rome, we are content being discontent as long as we are well entertained. We are building our own prisons and walking into them freely.

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For life to occur, a symphony of highly unlikely events has to happen every second.

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Bent Sten Hansen

Bent Sten Hansen

Danish musician, Bent Myggen, video producer, composer, philosopher, writing under birth name: Bent Sten Hansen.

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