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Helpful Letter #18

Hello fellow writers,

We’re in a new month. I wrote an article yesterday that should be out this week on figuring out your end state.

For me and possibly you, you want to earn money as a writer. To do that, you need to know your end state. Once you know that, you need to backward plan to get there.

You may think starting off writing on Medium or another platform will lead you on your way to being a full-time writer. Actually, planning in reverse could get you there faster.

Say you want to earn $5000 a month as a writer. Medium may get you there but the pay varies. In the meantime, you may need another writing job or side hustle to cover the difference. Somewhere along your writing journey, you need to find that first or second writing gig to get you closer to $5,000.

You won’t find another writing job so easily. Competition is high. There are a lot of writers out there. Over the past seven or eight months, I must have applied to 50 to 70 writing jobs. Out of those writing jobs, I only had callbacks from a handful of companies.

Out of these companies, there were only two companies that I could work for that fit my writing style. Even my writing style still wasn’t perfect for the company since I have to adapt to their style.

Writing is very niche-specific. Companies want writers with a background in certain areas. Sometimes they want years of experience in that field.

Make sure you read the article which should be out any day now. About 90% of my articles go through publications.

Have a good week!




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