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Helpful Letter #29

Hello fellow writers,

I hope you had a good week of writing. Last month a company I wrote for, NewsBreak, cut my base pay. Several other writers in the company have quit. I wasn’t going to do that at least not without giving the platform a chance.

The same is true for any company you write for. You have to play the game. The game is constantly changing and as a writer, you have to do the same. You need to adapt to the changes if you want to be successful.

Quitting is easy. Anyone can quit.

If J. K. Rowling would have quit, no one would have read Harry Potter. She was turned down by 12 publishers before someone accepted her work.

The struggle is real for all writers. There is always going to be adversity. Whether it’s writing on Medium, NewsBreak, or another company.

New writers have to get 100 followers to get paid. Don’t beg to get followers, they’ll come if they like your work. Just keep writing.

You have to play the game.

Companies want you to quit. That only keeps more money in their pocket. You can take the easy road or take the challenge.

Figure out how you can play the game and win.

As for NewsBreak, I wrote an article yesterday, and it has hit my highest viewed article since I joined the platform. I had over 45,000 views and 400 comments on one article in less than 24 hours.

Find the type of article that readers read. Then keep writing on that topic. That is how you play this game and win.

Enjoy your week.

Take care,




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Tom Handy

Tom Handy


An investor writing his thoughts online. 25-year Self-taught Investor & 20-year Army Veteran. As seen on Morning Brew, Money magazine 2x, and Army Times.