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Helpful Letter #37

Hello fellow writers,

I glanced at the last time I wrote a follow-up to this letter and noticed I didn’t write one for May. So shame on me.

But I have been writing another platform, Substack, with a completely different message. So, I have been writing but not for everyone in this select group here.

Sometimes, it’s good to experiment on other platforms. You never know what traction you’ll receive.

On another site, NewBreak, I recently wrote an article since the organization sent me a reminder to write something. Well, I did on Friday, and it pulled in over $400 so far.

The article wasn’t long, maybe 400 words or so. So, if you like to write about local news, you should give it a try. I can’t guarantee every article will make $10 or even hundreds of dollars.

But you can click here to sign up.

Sometimes, you shouldn’t always force your writing or regurgitate article after article with no change in your material.

For me, life has been busy.

My kids are finishing up another year of school. And, personally, I have been working on a Veterans non-profit I run. This month we ran our first charity golf tournament which was a lot of stress for everyone. None of the board members are golfers so this really made us stretch a bit.

And, I am planning to start a business — a franchise actually. So, my time has been researching the company and interviewing with one of the consultants and other people to help me get started.

Any time you start something new, it helps to work with a group to share ideas with and possibly a mentor or two to guide you along the way on areas you may be unfamiliar with.

Well, keeping this short as always.

What have you been up to lately?

Take care,




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Tom Handy

An investor writing his thoughts online. 25-year Self-taught Investor & 20-year Army Veteran. As seen on Morning Brew, Money magazine 2x, and Army Times.