4 Must-Watch Videos about Mindfulness

Mindfulness has taken the Western world by storm recently. With all the hype, the internet is filled with information on mindfulness.

I searched the web for the best videos on mindfulness and this is what I found. They contain the basic of what you need to know about mindfulness to get started!

1. Andy Puddicombe, Founder of HeadSpace

TED Talk, Andy Puddicombe 2013

Andy has quite the unique story. Some labels to describe him are entrepreneur, public speaker, and Tibetan-trained meditation expert…Andy has now spent years spreading what he learned with monks to the Western world. His app has helped thousands of people start their meditation journey.

In his informative Ted Talk, Andy goes over the basics of mindfulness and how just 10 minutes per day of formal mediation can bring a sense of calm and order into a chaotic modern world.

2. Dan Harris’s, News Anchor Discusses his Personal Journey to Mindfulness


In this interview, Dan Harris discusses how his embarrassing panic attack in front of millions of viewers led him to a fascinating discovery: meditation. Dan articulately describes his ordeal and the subsequent journey in mindfulness.

“I think we are looking at meditation as the next big public health revolution…” — Dan Harris

This is perhaps the most succinct explanation of the benefits of mindfulness on the internet. He also has a really cool resource to check out(click here).

3. Dr. Ron Siegel: “The Science of Mindfulness” | Talks at Google

Credits: Talks at Google

Okay, this one is long but it is well worth it! Dr. Ron Siegel explains awareness of the present moment through the unique lens of evolution. Dr. Siegel shows how humans did not necessarily evolve to be happy, but rather to survive. This genetic disposition causes unnecessary responses in the modern world. Overthinking, negativity bias, and over-generic memory.

“ We didn’t evolve to be happy…our brains developed as organs of survival. The same way the other organs developed.” — Dr. Ron Siegel