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A Goodbye

We part many times yet all partings do not have the luxury of a goodbye

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Having parted many
times in life left many
loving, meaningful folks.
To many, I did say goodbye.
Some I could not or not
allowed to say goodbye.
The first goodbye I said
was to the town I grew
up in, and many whom
I grew up with, some were
traveling, and I couldn’t.
Then many places I lived
and left, some were worth
memory others were less.
I lived away from home
and lost both my mother
and father and could not
say goodbye to them.

Yet all those have made a
place on the message board
in my mind.

I remember each one that has
passed quietly or in a noisy

All of them took away a little
of me and left some of them.
I think it is the way all people
be made a bundle of memory.

Thank you for reading
Diepak Paul




The place to share any kind of poems from love to life. A place to share all your emotions.

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Diepak Paul

Diepak Paul

Life gave me much. I published first novel 2011. I am rewriting after my disability due to accident, and stroke. Starting to write here to heal, and be healed.

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