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Forty-Six Years

Freeform poetry

Photo by author The girl I met at the bar

she was just a girl at the bar
I was instantly attracted to her
we spoke for ten minutes
I was deeply in love
how does one recognize a
love connection in a single moment?
it makes no sense, the bond was instantaneous
if everyone had such events in their lives
the love industry would vanish
six months later we were living together
ten months after that we married
a love so great Shakespeare would
have a difficult time describing it
she had to go, her body told her so
three kids, five grandchildren, and 46 years of love
an eternal love
that will last forever

© Joe Merkle 2022

This poem was inspired by a prompt by Sahil Patel for the publication Lifeline.

The Prompt…

If you haven’t met your love yet, write a letter to that person and tell them how excited you are to meet them someday. This could be fun to look at later in and you will have a wonderful memory to cherish in the future. If you have a partner in your life, then write a poem dedicated to that person who makes you feel special.




The place to share any kind of poems from love to life. A place to share all your emotions.

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Joe Merkle

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