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Living The Dream

Wishes, hopes and dreams

The open pages of a book, floating in the blue, cloudy sky, and on the pages is a castle nestled on the bank of a flowing river, surrounded by grassy fields, poppies in flower, and a rocky knoll adorned with tall trees. Above shines a full moon, showering down magic and moonbeams, with two eagles flying high.

When I was a little girl,
I had dreams and goals,
Such as growing up to be a princess,
In a castle situated high upon the knolls.

Pure blue skies, white fluffy clouds,
As this princess gazes up at the full moon shining way up high,
Sending glitter and moonbeams down on me,
Protecting me from…



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Colleen Millsteed

Top Writer in Poetry. I’m a Finance Manager with a love of both numbers and words.