Our Afternoon Jaunts

The fun, the exploration, the companionship

Colleen Millsteed
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2 min readJan 26, 2024


A community enjoying outdoir time.
Image courtesy of Pixabay

I love the afternoons we walk together,
The chats, the exploration,
You learn, you grow,
And I see your courage flow.

I love the time we spend together,
As we wander the same path,
You tell me about your day,
Your worries, your joys and you laugh.

I love the companionship,
Watching the world through your eyes,
We wander in different directions at times,
But always meet up in the end.

I love these afternoons,
I look forward to them throughout the day,
Your exciting prance around the door,
Impatiently waiting for your joy.

I love the bravery you’ve gained,
As you venture a little further,
Everything is excitement in your eyes,
As you continue to explore.

Then we return home,
We’re all at peace through the evening hours,
We go our own ways,
To meet again tomorrow afternoon.



Colleen Millsteed

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