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Saturn, Taskmaster of the Zodiac

What will you have to say to Mighty Saturn on his return

image is a representation of planet Saturn with his beautiful rings
Photo by NASA on Unsplash

Three bright planets lighting the night sky
Venus for love
Jupiter for abundance
Saturn, second largest — beautiful rings
— task master but growth bringer.

I sat watching him — eyes fixed
hearing him rumbling, return nears —
every three decades or so
Asking what have you done,
Talents used or remain hidden?
How have you grown?
What are you plans for the next run?

My smile, a little brighter, more prepared
I did use some —
Oh Saturn!

I have tried, sniffed success and swallowed failure —
in large doses.

I dared —
stepped out of my comfort zone
attempting a thing or two, so
how will your judgment be?
Retrograde you, karma-burdened me.

Here’s to hoping a touch of your benevolence
As I proudly present you with clear evidence.

© I. Trudie Palmer
One Love

Author’s note:-
This piece will be fully understood by lovers of astrology. As one’s Saturn return nears, the time of reckoning starts — 27, 54, 81. I am a few years out but I am already feeling the rumbling.




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