[Un]Silence Is Healing

Lola Rosario
2 min readJun 16, 2024


They say silence is violence.
It is also fear + complicity + apathy + selfishness.
~ Founder of Lola’s Lines

cradling time
the calendar waited
for me to finally speak up
but I couldn’t be rushed
girl so little in an adult body
wasn’t yet ready
that four-letter word
cast a shadow — decades-long
let’s keep silent
everyone said
or rather, they didn’t say so much
in words
it be like that sometimes
in dysfunctional families, like mine
if no one says anything, that means
it didn’t really happen

what memory doesn’t have
can’t never forget
still, I haven’t quite lost
those four letters
the ones that sound like ‘near’
the ones told me I would never
again be my family’s ‘dear’

My soul still grieves the innocence of 11-year young me. A year ago, I ended the silence and forced my family to face…