5 special journals to track your past memories

I recently wrote about How do you document your life and questioned how I can improve journaling experience in terms of easy tracking personal growth over time. It can be a log of success, a log of failure, a log of changes in thinking or preference throughout time.

Here are 5 of the journals that I found interesting. Each journals have a unique way of recording.

Q&A A Day 5 Year Journal

Image credit: Barnes & Noble

This journal is a multi-year journal. Each day, it gives writers a daily prompt to fill in for five years. Through this activity, writers can keep track of the answers within a five-year time frame. Over time, writers are able to take a look back the answers and see how they have changes or haven’t changed.

I can’t Sleep Journal

Image credit: Barnes & Noble

This journal is for someone who cannot sleep. It includes thought-provoking quotes and encourages writers to think about why they can’t sleep. The interesting thing of this journal is that we don’t need to write journal on a daily basis so writing is less burdensome. It is a great tool for capturing ideas that interrupt sleeping at night and will be fun to look back different causes: They can be excitement, anxiety, or just too much coffee!

The Habit Journal

Image credit: Chris Kyle

This habit journal is a guided notebook for tracking habits and reaching goals. By planning and reflecting on habits, writers can focus on the processes in order to achieve a goal. Even though this is more focused on goal setting, it also helps writers to track what they succeed or fail in. Eventually, they are able to see their growth.

My Life Map

Image credit: marshallbooks

My Life Map helps people at any stage of life create a visual road map of both their past and their future in major life areas such as family, work, play, friends, and education. Charting the past highlights patterns writers may not have noticed before. Seeing the years ahead encourages writers to set goals and shape a future with intention and purpose.

The Book of Myself

Image credit: Google books

This book helps people record and preserve the experiences and knowledge of a lifetime. It contains 201 questions that guide writers through the process of keeping memories on subjects such as family, friends, learning/education, work/responsibilities, and the world. This book is divided into three life phases- Early, Middle, and Later years. Writers can organize one’s life story as a keepsake.

All kinds of comments about life documentation are always welcome. lifelongrecord@gmail.com

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