Jun 14, 2017 · 4 min read

@MAN (read atman) is the SinglePlayer mode of LifeMaker.

It’s basically an offline application focused on your Self: a portal for self-discovery, self-development and self-fulfillment in your life.

We believe that at the core of every human being and living creature pulses the same universal force — the Ātman — a.k.a. the Breath of Life, the Eternal Soul, the Great Spirit, the Chi, the Prana, etc. Materialistic science denies this and labels it as superstition because it’s not able to quantify it, and yet the Life phenomena is self-evident everywhere, in and around us.

This is important because it actually allows us to re-connect with the original source of life and existence simply by looking deep enough inside ourselves. And when we do that, we realize that We are One — with the universe, with life, with the world. The individual soul (atman) merges with the universal soul (Ātman or Brahman), and becomes enlightened. In hindu tradition, this process is also called moksha, or liberation.

What happens then?

There’s no going back: a mind that expands to a new idea never returns to its original size. As Krishna puts it —

“He who experiences the unity of Life sees his own self in every living being, and every living being in his own self.”

Once the self is liberated from the illusion of separateness, it is able to expand its circle of awareness and compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty.

But real freedom, as the old sages from India to Greece knew all too well, comes with self-discipline.

Consumer society is brainwashing the new generations into thinking that freedom means doing what you want, whenever you feel like. But that is obviously not true! Our subconscious is filled with unrealistic expectations that can’t be met, like becoming a football star or a beauty queen, and the result is a mass of unhappy, weak-willed and weak-hearted people who cannot help themselves and need to be controlled from an external authority.

Freedom means bringing that authority and control back within your self!

@MAN is an app that helps you achieve just that. Our goal at LifeMaker is nothing less than to facilitate personal enlightenment for everyone, in this life and with only five minutes a day.

The main feature of the @MAN is a Daily Self-Check. We’re offering an updated, interactive and colorful version of the ancient practice of self-examination.

The daily self-check will guide you through a personal journey of discovery and of improvement. It requires you to answer a custom 5-minutes quiz at the end of each day, and allows you to keep track of your answers and visualize them in charts.

As announced in previous blogs, next year’s version of the @MAN will also feature an intelligent chatbot — LifeSpirit — in the role of mentor and personal assistant, plus a life-planner app specifically designed to manage your life’s goals and projects. But meanwhile, we’ve already started working on the questions and can’t wait to start experimenting with ourselves (and all of those who want to join!)

By the end of June we’d like to come out with an alpha version of the @MAN, distribute it with the Seeders group and make it into our ritual daily habit throughout the summer months, to see first-hand how well it works, and also to have a bulk of user-data and feedback when we start working on the prototype this fall.

This summer, if you’re interested to play enlightenment with us, please subscribe to our mailing list and receive all the updates directly in your inbox.

“Be the change you want to see!”

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LifeMaker Blog

The public blog of the LifeMaker Community

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