Late Dinners Make You Sicker? A Case for Breakfast and Early Time-Restricted Feeding

A new intermittent fasting study suggests that eating all of your daily calories before 3 PM might improve your metabolic health, especially if you struggle with blood sugar control.

Is breakfast the new dinner? The old adage of eating breakfast like a king and dinner like a pauper might have new data to back it up. Image credit: Geber86.
Jetlag isn’t just for crossing timezones… eating out of tune with your master biological clock can also cause jetlag-like physiology. Credit: Bernal Saborio,

To Breakfast, or Not to Breakfast?

Eating all of your daily calories before 3 PM, especially with work, can be difficult. Try preparing meals in the evening to bring with you to work, and wake up early to prepare a hearty breakfast. Image credit: Tracy Benjamin,

Eating ‘Till the Sun Goes Down

Grazing all day can make a mouse sick, even when it eats the same food as another mouse eats during a narrow feeding window. Credit: crwr,

Breakfast is the New Dinner.

A new reason to eat breakfast in bed… Credit: Green Apple Studio.

The Brain and Body Disconnect — Split Across Time Zones?

The biological clocks in your body work like well-trained orchestra players… when you eat in tune with your diurnal light exposure and activity level. Credit: Pedro Sánchez, Public Domain.

Dinner of Champions

Schematic of an example of meal composition and timing used in Peterson’s study of early time-restricted feeding. Image created by Paige Jarreau.
Late-night cravings? You might not be eating enough in the day before dinner. Image credit: Joëlle,

Skip a Dinner, Lose the Late-Night Cravings

Dr. Courtney Peterson, UAB.



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