JY’s Task Hierarchy

Jah Ying Chung
Jul 10, 2018 · 1 min read

My current prioritization model. Inspired by someone’s “Hierarchy of Nah” that I was told about earlier this year.

When faced with a task, ask:

  1. Could I just not do it?
    What are the consequences if I don’t do it? What are the gains?
    If not,
  2. And it’s a one-off task:
    Is it a question I can someone in my immediate network (e.g. via Facebook)?
    Can I delegate it (to my existing team)?
    Can I outsource it? (Using less time than it would take for me to do it myself?)
    If not, why not? (safety check)
    OK, then do it myself.
  3. Or if it’s a repetitive task:
    Can I get it automated via delegation / outsourcing?
    If not, can I automate it?
    OK, then do it, but figure out how to operationalize it (minimize effort every time I need to do it)


Daily life operations for impact maximizers, geeks and lazy…

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