The ePV: cute, clean, and electric

Stephanie Broekman
Jun 12, 2018 · 2 min read

If you live in a neighbourhood where Picnic delivers, you’ve probably seen one of our electric Picnic Vehicles (ePVs). The first thing that you notice about an ePV is the size. It’s small and compact. But don’t let this fool you — we still deliver lots of groceries! Thanks to an intuitive design, our ePVs have a high capacity while being much smaller than a generic delivery vehicle.

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Instead of the traditional walkway down the middle, cargo is unloaded from the outside. With a couple of clicks, a roller shutter whips up to show groceries. This means we have a slim vehicle, and our Runners are able to make rapid deliveries.

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I’m one of the mechanics that work day-to-day keeping Picnic’s fleet of ePVs on the road. Working with electric is attractive. With no fuel costs, we just plug in and charge. Unlike an internal combustion engine, a battery means that there are almost no moving parts or fluids. That makes ePVs easy to maintain, as well as leading to less noise pollution and zero exhaust emissions.

Below, you can see the different features which make driving the ePV safe, and delivering groceries simple.

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The ePV is cute, clean, and electric. Picnic’s Runners drive them with a friendly attitude, and they make the most of their smart design to deliver groceries. Our ePVs will be delivering to more and more neighbourhoods in the future, so next time you see one, look out for the clever features I’ve described…and give our Runner a wave!

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