The Thought Bubble: Game Developer Transparency

While following the upcoming Mr. Shifty performance patch for the Nintendo Switch, it has become abundantly clear on how different some game developers discuss progress with their audience. First of all, being a developer myself I understand when a surprise issue arises, and I know that it pushes deadlines. One of the hardest tasks I do in my daily job is estimating a work package for a project. Development can have structure based on the companies methodology(Agile, Waterfall, etc…) but that doesn’t necessarily safeguard from the unknown. The Mr. Shifty developers that are working on the performance patch are not scared to share their development hassles, and while you may think they will get a harsh response, it’s actually quite the opposite. If you do not follow the /r/NintendoSwitch thread on Reddit, I highly recommend it. You can find the original Reddit submission from the tinyBuild CEO below.

The comments to this post you may expect to being rage fueled on why the patch is taking so long, but honesty goes a long way. Below are some responses from the original post found here.

nothing quite as authentic to me personally as dev transparency. tinyBuild definitely has a home on the Switch!
I haven’t played this yet, but good on you guys for addressing criticism. Definitely going to be playing eventually.
Thanks for update and transparency

Let us know below what you think about tinyBuilds approach to their increase in development transparency by visiting our article here.

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