They Were Sold Out of Anti-Viral Masks Today at Home Depot and Lowes

Michelle Monet
Feb 23 · 2 min read

So where does a girl go for an innocent anti-viral mask these days?

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The Coronavirus news has made so many on edge. Today in the Publix supermarket parking lot two people were wearing masks walking out of the store.

Wow, it’s not even China!

After watching the news Bob my boyfriend suggested maybe we give in and buy a multipack of masks for $24 at Home Depot.

“Hey, it can’t hurt to add these to our Zombie Apocalypse stash along with our other survival crap: bandaids, canned green beans, MRE foods, electro light drops, water filtration system, knives etc.”

“If one of us gets sick, masks are good to have to protect the other. Also, a mask is just a good thing to have around the house!”

So I ran over to Home Depot.

They were totally sold out of the 25 pack for $24 bucks. The clerk said. “One family came in and bought them all.”

So I went to Lowes to check there. All sold out there too.


When I got home we checked with CVS. All gone there too. Then Amazon. Well they did have a multi-pack for $53 for the same package. Yep, $53, not $24 like Home Depot.

Maybe people are buying the $24 dollar pack of 25 masks and reselling them at a higher markup.

So now profiteering is happening from this virus?

I’m thinking it’ll only get worse. I mean as soon as the news says there is a ‘super spreader’ in the USA things will probably go whack in this country!

I suppose the moral of this story is that we probably should’ve thought about this stuff long ago.

I hope using an old bandana will do the trick!

Oh, two humorous side notes: Notice the “Not made or shipped in China” label.

A friend shared this joke with me just now which seemed appropriate for this story. You might’ve heard it:

A man was standing in a longgg line at Walmart. He was in a hurry and didn’t want to wait too long. He finally coughed and said, “this cough is getting worse since I got back from China’.

BOOM. No more line.


Thanks for reading.

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