Have we lost the real touch in this touchscreen world?

Lets bring mobile device to limelight today!

Here is Food for thought

As of today, can you think of leaving your house for a stroll leaving all the devices back at your apartment?

I bet, 110% , the answer is No. This is also the case with me. The point to ponder here is, have we become so dependent on this technology? Will world end if we just leave them behind for an hour or so in our day? (Not, unless you are the president of a nation and that with very very less probability :D).

What makes us different than cyborg then? Cyborg by definition are humans whose body parts are laced with tech equipments ( today we have wearable, not far from the date where we shall have chips integrated to brain).

On a side note btw, this sounds cool idea to have a chip of knowledge you can fuse to your brain. Buy a chip for neurosurgeon and you posses all the know how of neurosurgeon. No need to spend years in School paining through tests and 4–5 years of medical course! Science fiction. :D

Of course, the mobile technology that our lives immensely depends upon has been boon in many ways. Its rare to find things that are absolute good or evil. Things always comes in mixture of those in varying proportions. So does the world of touchscreen devices.

Connecting to people that are far away. But are we forgetting the person in-front of us?

But today I just want to rant about these devices.

Although the touchscreen devices apparently have made our lives easier, but don’t you think that we have lost a real touch (by real touch in this article I mean the communications, activities that we had back in old days during and before 90s).

Think what’s fun?

  1. Sitting in a garden with a closest friend talking random shit about world or sitting with each across each other but still busy in own word of WhatsApp chats?
  2. Which do you think shall make you happy in inner you? Playing catch-ball with your dog or playing dog on snapchat?
  3. What will make your mind really calm? Strolling along with your partner in the cold sand of the beach with mild wind hitting your face or some virtual reality headset with 360 degree beach view?

We are not machines.

Yes and we need some contact in physical form to the earthly elements. Don’t you think that it has been reduced with advent of technology?

Take a breath and reflect. Ask yourself how many times do you had a wonderful group hangout with your school or community friends after school/play and how many of those moments you have these days. ( the feeling will be strong if you are 90s or before kid, for today’s kids are spoon fed with myriads of apps and all even before they have learned to walk/speak).

Don’t you think the these devices streaming us constant content of our choice shifting ourselves to be less communicative? Try this out; don’t use your mobile device next time your are travelling in bus or train. I am sure, you will feel urge to talk to person next to you. That’s what people did before they had mobile.

So what do we do? Move back to stone age? Perhaps move back to 90s?

Happy Days

Perhaps no. Excess of anything is bad. Always. But what we can do is learn to be independent of these devices. Can we have a few hours in a day or perhaps week where we stay far far away from these touchscreen monsters.

Lets have moments with our friends, siblings or children where we pass the time not with technology but talks, some craft/play etc (as we used to have in our childhood).

I wish to start one such personal trend. Not to use (reduce the usage of to maximum) electronics at least once in week. Perhaps Sunday. Just roam around the city without any device with you. You will definitely have some different thought that day.

Lets not allow devices to take control of our lives entirely.

Comment down below your opinion, what do you think?

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