Why Becoming A Location Independent Entrepreneur May Be The Best Decision Of Your Life

As a location independent entrepreneur and your own boss, you have the flexibility to work wherever and whenever you want.

While it’s not all sunshine and rainbows, as Rocky would put it — if you do it well, you’re on your way to reaching the greatest level of freedom.

Here are some of the reasons why becoming a location independent entrepreneur might be your best decision ever.

The Freedom To Design Your Ideal Lifestyle

While many stereotypes about being a location-independent entrepreneur exist, such as that you have to live a specific way or that it is only for certain professions, it’s really up to you. This is what makes this lifestyle so amazing and, even after 5+ years, still feels surreal to me.

Just imagine that for a second.

Work with something you’re passionate about from wherever you want. Grow your business. Learn how to let go of all the stereotypes of how one should live. Set the rules. You’re no longer stuck in a certain location or way of life. You’re free.

Plan Your Days In The Way That Makes Most Sense To You (And Save Time)

Instead of scheduling your days based on someone else’s terms, let your own preferences and insights on what’s needed for you to perform at your best set the foundation. You don’t have to follow the same-same routine, either. I usually tweak my schedule based on where I’m at the moment, workload, productivity, and goals.

For example:

  • Work when you’re most productive. Instead of starting at 8 am just because other people do, you might do your magic best at 5 am or 10 pm. Well, now you can!
  • Save time by visiting places (from attractions to the gym and the supermarket) outside of rush hour. It’s so much more relaxing to do shopping, or anything really, when everyone else is at the office. Get back that time spent commuting if you don’t feel the need to work from an office daily.
  • Travel outside of the high season. It’s both good for the place you’re visiting and often results in a more authentic experience.

Learn More Than You Can Imagine

If you’re proactive and take initiative, becoming a location independent entrepreneur will teach you so much. About yourself and different cultures (if you choose to travel more), lifestyles, values, people, entrepreneurship, work styles, productivity, and more.

Since you’ll have more freedom and flexibility to spend your time as you wish, you can also choose to finally pick up that hobby that has been on your wish list for too long. A new language, instrument, or whatever that makes you excited!

Get More Time For Things That Matter

As you start to optimize your lifestyle, you’ll get more time over for things that are important to you. Like your kids’ sports games, dating, reading, friends, or whatever you wish you could do more of.

When we are “too busy” to spend time on what matters, it’s common to feel lost and as if something is missing. While the lifestyle itself doesn’t automatically make sure that you’ll do more of the things that make you happy, you have more flexibility and time to do so, if you plan for it.

Base Yourself In Amazing Places

I’ve chosen a lifestyle of travel since that’s my biggest passion and living in one place feels too restrictive. We’re all different, so whether amazing places for you translate to Brazil, Antarctica, Senegal, or your hometown — you now have the choice!

A normal day can end with caipirinhas in Rio, coffee with your mum, or desert views and starry skies in Chile. In theory, you can go anywhere tomorrow and just continue working from there.

Even if I’ve been traveling full-time for more than 5 years, I still feel like I don’t have time to go everywhere I’d like to. The world is big and you need more than one once-a-year vacation to see it!

Discover More Exciting
Opportunities Than Ever Before

Once you start to get to know others who also have chosen to live an unconventional life, your mind will start to open up more to all the incredible opportunities around us. The community of location independent entrepreneurs is vibrant and diverse!

So many people are making a living on something that once used to be only a dream. Since they took action, they are now living a life they are truly passionate about. Spending time with others who think big works as a reminder that you can, too.

Before I embraced this lifestyle, it seemed too good to be true. I didn’t know anyone who was living this way but had heard some inspiring stories. The amount of helpful content online about what’s possible and how to make it happen, and the community in general, has grown tremendously.

Become A Better Version Of Yourself

Whether you choose to travel or do something else, being a location independent entrepreneur and living a life different from the stereotype of how “one should live ” will teach you so much about yourself. From areas you’d like to improve and how much your perception of everything affects your life quality, to your priorities in general.

Cultures opposite to your own, challenging situations you haven’t faced before. The fact that many misunderstandings are indeed your fault is a great patience practice! 😉 If you put in the work, your self-development progress will reach new levels.

The Possibility To Become Financially Free

Working for someone else can only get you so far. There is nothing wrong with it if that’s what you want. It provides benefits too, like a sense of security and a fixed salary.

When you’re working for yourself though, there is no cap on what you can earn and achieve. Over time, you can start to build passive income streams, which will allow you to free up your time more. This is when things really start to scale!

Financial freedom is the key to independence, better life quality, and more time for things you care about. Be it starting another business, spending more time with your family, checking off things from your bucket list, or supporting your favorite NGO.

Ask yourself, how different would your life be if you were financially free? Would you still do what you’re doing? If not, what would you change?

Now, that’s your motivation for working towards financial freedom and becoming a location independent entrepreneur.

You Can Always Change Your Lifestyle

As time goes by, it’s natural that our preferences and priorities change. If what used to be your dream life doesn’t feel right anymore, you can change it at any time. From the place to where you’re based, to how you spend your days.

This is true for anyone living in a more traditional way too, but easier if you’re your own boss and location independent. Just knowing this gives me peace of mind.

The Location Independent Lifestyle Is
Not A Trend, But A Global Shift

Many studies show how the digital nomad community has grown significantly over the past years. In the US alone, it went from 7.3 million in 2019 to 10.9 million in 2021. While many of these are remote workers employed by other businesses, the pandemic has boosted the global growth of entrepreneurship too.

Telling people that you want to move around while you work has become the new normal, and the technology to support this way of life is only advancing. More important than being able to travel is the ability to spend your time as you wish. It’s not a little trend that soon will fade away, but rather a major shift in our approach to work and life. The number of location-independent entrepreneurs is only expected to increase.

While it’s not for everyone — if it suits you, it will probably be one of the best decisions ever. And the timing couldn’t be better!

Are you location independent already, or are you thinking about starting your journey? Let me know in the comments.

Originally published at https://samiraholma.com on February 1, 2022.



Stuck in a boring routine? It doesn’t have to be that way. Learn how to design a flexible and location-independent lifestyle that allows you to be wherever you want, whenever you want while working with something you enjoy. How to think to get the most out of every day.

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