Farewell from 450 Geary

It is with a heavy heart that I share that Eison Triple Thread will be closing its doors today. We deeply regret that we will no longer be able to perform our sartorial magic.

To our customers, without your trust and support, none of this would have been possible. We are forever thankful for the word-of-mouth growth and the honest relationships built over the years.

To our investors, thank you for taking a chance and believing in my vision. To the press, a large part of our early growth came from your sincere interest in amplifying our voice on channels that touched the world, thank you! Family and friends, this brand was a direct reflection of our love and aspiration. Those hard conversations, and unbridled moments of encouragement helped build this business. To our employees and global supply chain, be proud of what we built. You were the bloodline, the frontline and bottom line. Your efforts will never be forgotten.

We arrived in the menswear space in 2016 with ambition, passion and courage; we leave the exact same way. That said, we have a rooted sense of accomplishment that will never be recognized as a failure. We are proud to have delivered thousands of looks, increased style IQ’s, and educated in a space that lacks a reputation for transparency and humility.

Five years ago, made-to-measure menswear hit an inflection point, but was still largely: grey, blue, black, checked and striped. Today, conventions are being challenged across retail and individual style is now top of mind.

In closing, rest assured that all existing orders will be fulfilled and supported with the same level devoted customer service and execution that we have offered since day one.

We will no longer accept new orders. Notifications will be sent via email or SMS when orders are ready. If alterations are required, we will be offering credit per our existing policy.

For immediate inquiry please email : hey@eisontriplethread.com

As for me, Eison Triple Thread was my MBA. I’ve grown my core understanding of business in immeasurable ways, and I am very proud. For now I will be taking a little time to reflect, smile and then it’s off to the next venture.

Follow me on Instagram @julian_eison where I’ll share my next moves and/or connect with me via LinkedIn if you want to talk shop. It was a great run!

Julian Eison, Founder



This blog is of Julian Eison’s deepest thoughts on VC investing, and experiences as an entrepreneur — wrapped with refreshing lifestyle topics to keep things exciting.

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Julian Eison

Managing Partner at NEXT VENTŪRES, Entrepreneur, Founder @Eison Triple Thread, 7 foot high jumper @UCIrvine