When worrying becomes a disorder

constant worrying slowing your life?

Each one of us are familiar with the basic idea of anxiety, the constant worrying and the overwhelming bursts of panic are some basic traits associated with the mental state that is anxiety.

Before we talk about anxiety as a disorder let’s talk about why anxiety is not really a negative state of mind. Anxiety’s primary function is to help people navigate and rationalise situations and deal with danger. Worrying caused by a normal level of anxiety usually propels a person to strive for more in life and when experienced for shorter durations and irregularly anxiety is not a disorder.

So, when does the worrying that pushes our limits becomes a disorder?

A psychological disorder does not have a consistent definition that fits all situations but can be broadly defined as something that causes distress and interrupts the daily functions of someone’s life significantly. Common mental disorders refer to two main diagnostic categories: depressive disorders and anxiety disorders.

Here are some symptoms that a person is suffering from an anxiety disorder specifically:

Emotional Symptoms:

-Consistent worrying and inability to set aside worries

-Always on edge because of their inability to relax completely

-Inability to concentrate


-Indecisiveness because of the fear of making the wrong decisions

-Imagining all the negative outcomes possible in every situation of their daily lives

-Worrying about their constant worrying

Physical Symptoms:


-Increased heart rate

-Difficulty breathing

-Muscle pain and muscle tension

-Lack of sleep



If you have been experiencing any of these symptoms, then anxiety is not just serving it’s primary function in your daily life but disrupting it.

It is also important to understand that like any other health issue, mental health disorders need proper diagnosis and professional attention. There are different types of anxiety disorders and different stages of each disorder based on the frequency, intensity and prevalence in your day-to-day life.In order to build a personalised plan for you, a proper assessment is the first and one of the most important steps.

Many mental health professionals also believe that anxiety can be the first step towards depression especially in a country like India where an open dialogue about mental health disorders and seeking help for them is still a taboo. It is likely that in such a scenario, you feel all alone and wish this wasn’t happening to you.

According to WHO report on mental health disorders, “The total number of people living with depression in the world is 322 million. Nearly half of these people live in the South-East Asia Region and Western Pacific Region, reflecting the relatively larger populations of those two Regions (which include India and China).”

So, before you fall into the loop of worrying about your constant worrying and start down the path of depression it is necessary to seek help from a mental health professional for a proper diagnosis.

We at Bemo believe that emotional issues are just as regular and normal as physical ones and constantly work on how we can provide access to best cognitive behaviour techniques to everyone in need. Reach out to us anytime if you want to start talking about your worries.

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