Story for a Stranger
The Medium Writing Prompt

Frozen in Time

A girl is a woman who is frozen in time.
Each moment is a memory, each memory behind
another hope or dream or plan to change the future,
roll the dice. In growth she finds the heat to melt
the moments stuck in ice.

She cannot find her future if she cannot leave her past,
but enjoying every moment is the only way to make them lasting
journeys made of moments and of futures and of pasts.
There’s a reason life is circular,
a reason she cannot move faster than the speed of light,
the speed of sight and memory. Her growth cannot outrun
the girl she once was — the girl she’ll always be.

The fire in her belly melts the ice that’s in her brain,
but the water that results puts out the fire that remains.
That is to say her journey has an ending, which is right.
No matter how she struggles, her future is a moment in the light.

She asks that we remember not of all that she once was,
but let the fact we knew her drive us to the moment that we find our cause.

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