2 Keys to Solving the IT Talent Puzzle

By Bogdan Negru, 22th April , 2021

Missing pieces — that’s what countless organizations see when they examine their technology goals and digital transformation ambitions. Companies know they must offer customers exciting new digital tools and features and use technologies to decrease buyers’ friction. But most struggle to find the IT professionals to architect and execute their vision.

The IT talent gap isn’t a just problem for tech companies, either. Today’s market sets high technical expectations for organizations of all sizes and across all industries — from healthcare and logistics to finance and consumer goods. Simply look back on the rush to remote solutions during covid-19 to see the advantages a robust digital infrastructure can deliver.

In a way, we’re all tech companies now, scrapping over limited IT talent. Access to essential IT resources is fast becoming synonymous with a competitive advantage, so how can you succeed?

Turn on Technology & Recruiting Expertise

LiftUp Solutions was founded with a singular mission — to apply our combined technology and recruiting DNA to help clients solve the IT talent puzzle. We do this in two ways:

Software Development Outsourcing

LiftUp solutions assist non-tech and tech companies alike with a variety of end-to-end software development projects. Our fields of expertise come together like this:

LiftUp’s architects work with you to clearly define project specifications. We then identify the best-fit technologies for rapid, cost-efficient development and future-proofed results. Roadmap in hand, we know exactly what team you need.

We draw on a multinational, ready-to-hire talent pool of hundreds of IT professionals. Because we maintain pre-vetted “coders on call,” LiftUp will be actively developing your solution when the competition (or the internal HR department) would still be interviewing job candidates.

Team Augmentation

Technology companies and others with strong internal IT capabilities also turn to LiftUp to augment their teams, frequently on a moment’s notice. Our success in filling these needs derives from the activity going on in the background every day. Specifically:

  • LiftUp is continually evaluating technology evolution and the employment market to determine what types of resources are in high demand and understand emerging needs before others do.
  • Recruitment is ongoing, so we maintain a full bench of carefully selected, vetted, and proven resources, ready for client deployment.

The IT talent puzzle has many organizations stymied. LiftUp Solutions may be the piece you’ve been missing.

LiftUp Solutions combines tech expertise and recruiting experience to help clients overcome the IT skills gap and achieve their digital goals

In today’s world transformed by the digital, where software and mobile development are imperative to the growth and success of a business, IT professionals have become an asset to businesses. To achieve the full value of digital transformation, you need a strategic technology partner capable of augmenting your capabilities and helping you get rid of the challenges and frustrations of putting together and managing a development team. Having the right-sized team that is engaged, productive and motivated is critical to the success of any IT project, especially in those phases when you need to ramp up capacity.

Find out more with an informal technical consultation with one of our top solutions architects or talent needs analysis with one of our team augmentation pros. Whichever you choose, you’ll speak with an expert, not a sales representative, and always walk away with some helpful perspective.

We are here to help you scale up your development team, boost your project’ operations, outpace your competition and help you reach your goals faster.

Just drop us a line and tell us more about your project and we’ll schedule time for a conversation, or visit our new website at www.liftupsolutions.com to find out more about us.



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