7 Types of Developers Wanted in 2021

The developers you’ll want to have in your team in 2021

By Ana-Maria Bodog, 21th January, 2021

2020 will always be remembered as a year of major changes. The COVID-19 pandemic crisis inflicted lasting scars on the economic, social, and business levels around the world. During the crisis stage, software development was the industry that played a significant role and impacted every sector. IT modernization done under COVID-19 ensured the survival of some businesses but must continue in the recovery phase too. The technology organization evolved from just a shared service to a critical part of the company’s DNA, and IT leaders become trusted partners, not just service providers. Developers also have become an asset to businesses to help enterprises innovate, evolve, and grow.

“Software developers are the ones building solutions to the never-before-seen challenges of this year, and they are the ones who have the power to determine what the post-pandemic world looks like,”-Apurva Joshi, Vice President of Products at DigitalOcean

We are at the beginning of a new year and companies are already looking ahead intending to plan and set out new resolutions. In the digitally transformed world of 2021 where software and mobile development will become imperative to the growth and success of a business, one of the resolution companies should set out would be searching for new development talent that can help them move forward.


So what are the types of software developers you’ll want to have in your team in 2021?

1. Outsourced Developers

According to The 2020 State of Remote Work, working from distance might be the new normal. More businesses are outsourcing IT and software development rather than hiring in-house. This trend will continue to grow as we advance into 2021 and there are many benefits to it. It’s not only because outsourcing allows companies to reduce the costs of hiring in-house developers but also because getting a software development team abroad is also less complicated and provides greater efficiency, expertise, flexibility, more time for in-house employees, and saves time for current staff.
An IT team augmentations company can help you find the best-fit developers for your projects and accomplish your business objectives.

2. Native App Developers

A native application is a software program that is developed for use on a particular platform or device. Native app development will remain unparalleled. Since iOS and Android have captured the world market, companies that don’t want to find themselves very quickly falling behind the competition have to invest in providing the best services possible. Therefore, they need to focus on developing native applications for specific platforms like smartphones, where iOS and Android are the two most prominent systems. A native app provides an enhanced user experience and increases the flawless performance of the app across sectors.

3. Cloud Computing Developers

Covid-19 pushed companies to accelerate digitalization, automation, and also to scale the remote work and they are all moving to the cloud. It’s the most efficient and convenient way to save your data these days. In the forthcoming future, the software development will be more cloud-centric which means all the data during the software development process will get stored in the cloud.
If you haven’t done it yet, it’s time to turn to cloud vendors (Amazon, Microsoft, and Google) and move to Cloud.


For making possible this migration, you will need to extend your Development Team with Cloud Developers who will be responsible for the design and implementation of cloud infrastructures and the ensuring of the business processes effective design in the cloud. They are also able to monitor cloud maintenance, planning, security, and usage across the company.

4. Big Data Computation-upgrade your Big Data Team skills with Apache Spark Developers

Big data is a big deal for industries. The importance of big data is not about how much data you have, but what you do with it. Big Data is the technology that handles complex data and it comes with the potential to unlock big insights- for every industry, large to small.
The role of data scientists is to convert the substantial unstructured big data sets into structured big data sets that help you accomplish business-related tasks such as finding answers that enable new product development, cost reductions, time reductions, and optimized offerings that conduct to smart decision making.
With the incorporation of Apache Spark that has bested the Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) in performance and costs, the data analysis space across software development will be enhanced. Make sure you have on your team people that can handle Apache Spark cluster-computing framework otherwise, you’re going to need to do some hiring.

5. Rust- in the top 10 list of programming languages

If you’re still asking why you should keep an eye on this programming language, the IT news from 2020 revealed the fact that many software giants including Microsoft (is looking even into adopting it), Intel, and social media enterprise Facebook came out in support of Rust.
Rust is blazingly fast and memory-efficient: with no runtime or garbage collector, it can power performance-critical services, run on embedded devices, and easily integrate with other languages. Hundreds of companies around the world are using Rust in production today for fast, low-resource, cross-platform solutions. From startups to large corporations, from embedded devices to scalable web services, Rust is a great fit.
Make sure you already have a few Rust developers on hand, otherwise you best be on the lookout for them.

6. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Today, more companies are using technologies based on artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence is not here to replace us. Its Scope is to augment our abilities and makes us better at what we do. Artificial intelligence has many uses in business like Cybersecurity, Hyper-Automation, or Conversational IT/Automated chatbots.


AI-integrated software will enhance operations across businesses. Web portals or online shops will specifically benefit from it for analyzing customer behavior. Those businesses that deal with machine learning solutions are coming at the top level. Strive to be among them by ensuring that your team has well-versed developers in Machine Learning so you can break through this year and not only.

7. Internet of Things (IoT)

In the most general terms, IoT refers to any object — or “thing” — that can be connected to an Internet network, from factory equipment and cars to mobile devices and smartwatches. But today, the IoT has more specifically come to mean connected things that are equipped with sensors, software, and other technologies that allow them to transmit and receive data — to and from other things. During the present pandemic, when human contact is limited, the technology that ties all technologies together is skyrocketing. It is seeing exponential growth and success in demand across all security and customer service areas.
It will be a shift in the use of IoT from building devices integrated with sensors to incorporating IoT into software development where engineers will be able to scale to their programming skills.

Wrapping Up

With COVID-19, it has been observed an increase in online businesses and along with this the development of websites and apps. Furthermore, the demand across businesses and organizations to carry out operations with efficiency and efficacy has increased too, hence cutting-edge technologies are getting deployed in software development. Companies that want to establish their business and stay competitive will need new development talent that can help them move forward.

Now that you understand the Software Development Trends for 2021 and you realize that you need some improvements in your technical team, start planning! Our team would be glad to guide you through planning and decision making.
Let us be your technology partner!



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