HIGHLIGHTS from Digital Days 2019

The only conference in Western Romania dedicated exclusively to digital marketing.

By Ana-Maria Bodog- November 4th, 2019

T he conference is addressed to all those who want to keep up with the latest news, trends and latest technologies in the digital industry. It brings the marketing community together and acts as a catalyst for educating business people in marketing, especially in the digital area. Year after year, the conference has brought to the regional audience, and not only, local and international experts sharing the best ideas, practices, innovations, and strategies that have led them to progress and development in the various fields of activity where they operate.

#DD2019 speakers
The third edition, DD2019, held in Oradea between 25.10.2019–26.10.2019, #Speakers

As an IT consulting company that delivers custom-made online solutions for companies that want to grow and have success in the digital era, LiftUp Solutions couldn’t miss such an opportunity to exchange ideas and stay tuned with the digital trends offered by DD2019. During the conference, interesting topics and pragmatic ideas were discussed, that would help entrepreneurs increase their online business awareness. Here are some highlights of the conference that we particularly liked:

“Robots can not replace the customer care component”- (The way computers read our minds)

Mr. Nansi Lungu-Behavior Analyst, Bitdefender

What Mr. Nansi Lungu emphasized is that no matter what your business is about, you have to show that you care. Technology even as advanced as Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning isn’t at a stage where it can substitute the ability of people to process and respond to customer needs. You have to create relevant content for your audience in terms of their needs and interests. Furthermore, as Mr. Alexandru Negrea, another valuable speaker from the event, stated that the content we create should

“not be just visual, but also emotional. Simple online visibility guarantees nothing. You have to connect with your audience emotionally through your content. “

We were thought to never underestimate the power of emotions. We could use humor, compassion, and empathy in our content. These emotions are great to tap into because as humans, we love to relate. Our emotions are the primary driver of our online and offline actions.

But how can we connect emotionally and drive more engagement with our audience? Ms. Elena Badea (Managing Partner Valoria, an event partner) provided an answer, and she considers that the easiest way to achieve this is by asking questions:

“Ask them at least 1–2 times /year about their experiences with your company, your products, or your services.

As a seller, it is your duty to make the customer like you.
If he likes you, he’ll listen to you. If he listens to you, he’ll believe it. If he believes you, he will buy.”

Ms. Elena Badea-Managing Partner, Valoria

We were also glad to learn from the experience of the successful Romanian-American professor, entrepreneur, consultant and corporate trainer with extensive international experience in business and IT in both U.S. and Romanian companies, Mr. Sebastian Văduva, Director of The Griffiths School of Management & IT. He thinks that people from Oradea could contribute to the Romanian IT through sales, which they are very good at. Mr. Sebastian Vaduva said that:

“The geographical position of the city of Oradea could give the inhabitants the unique opportunity to sell their products in the West. We are the closest city to the western border of Romania, with a trading history mentality thanks to our border with Hungary. Moreover, we are a mix of religions and nationalities that coexist without problems, so we have the expertise to interact with other cultures, languages, but also different habits.”

He also presented the dangers of digital technology:

“If you work with technology you are OK. If you play with technology you have big problems. My recommendation is to embrace technology as a source of income. Learn to work with people different from you in terms of culture and geographical location, etc. Invest in education. Find creative things. The future is in the creative things and it’s about being more human.”

Mr. Sebastian Vaduva & LiftUp Marketing Team

The last but not least, Romanian comedian and vlogger Mircea Bravo, famous on the Internet for “his grandmother” videos, but not only, gave some clear tips from his experience, in the lecture entitled “How do you create viral videos?”.

It is important to know the opinion of those who follow you, but at the same time remember that most of the time the community does not know exactly what it wants. The consumer must be educated: he must be listened to, but not literally all the time.

Create content being prepared to receive negative feedback.
Hate comments help you accelerate the optimization of products or services that you offer.

Our main takeaway from the DD2019 Conference is the fact that despite the technological progress and the exponential growth that we’re experiencing, including Artificial Intelligence which will cause many existing jobs to disappear, we can and have the responsibility to be involved. There will be jobs currently carried out by people that will be taken over by intelligent technology, some that will disappear and others will be replaced by new ones. However, people will thrive in the workplace by using two abilities that robots can’t replicate: human caring and creativity.

Take these two components, make them your business core values and you have a good chance to become a successful brand in your activity domain!



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