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Lift You

Walk the Planet with a Light Heart

Break free of pressure and perfectionism.

Art by Peijin ❤

It is a betrayal to someone who created something as beautiful as life if we ignore everything lovely about it just, because we cannot add something to it.

Perfect productivity is a mirage, ask anyone who’s ever accomplished anything! It is never a smooth journey made up of doing everything right, at the right time, all at once.

The true pattern is more of a funky zig-zag from start to finish. But people still chase that mirage, and when it doesn’t materialise, we find ourselves frozen into procrastination.

I want to make a case for the power of not doing things. To understand that we are part of a much bigger story, and if we just focus on our personal pains and joys— we miss the bigger picture.

Life naturally gives a human being more opportunities to observe it than to design it. There is always something worthy of being marvelled at in the universe.

Notice these things. Remember a real smile that glows on a loved one’s face. A star studded sky. Roses that bloom in the winter. Your favourite snow boots. The sound of shimmering rainfall in your backyard, and that blueberry ice-cream you ate with the whole family on a random day. Your favourite pizza place. Your favourite movies and TV shows. Your favourite song. That goofy, nonsensical one hour conversation you had with your best friend. That little puppy you observed stumbling adorably by the sidewalk. The warmth you feel when someone who loves you hugs you tight.

These golden-silver linings are scattered throughout life, always there to be noticed, reminding you that your worth is not your work.

Your life centre must not be your work, because then you will mould everything in your world to revolve around it. You will hold your self esteem hostage to the results, making yourself miserable in the process. It is a toxic work-centred identity.

Sometimes, feeling sad or lazy is not our fault. Sometimes, it’s a season that just has to pass. Many times, life is not meant to be the list of achievements or tale of legends that we imagine it should be.

Your self worth should be in your soul, in the person you are.

In that you are kind, intelligent, or sweet or gracious. Humble. Funny. Light hearted and strong willed. That you can notice the rainbow after the rain diminishes. That you love your family. That you are doing the best you can right now, even if things are not going your way.

It should reside eternally within you; your self belief that shimmers and shines — oblivious to the constant change life brings.

Something permanent that grounds you in a constantly transforming world.

Even if nothing is happening, I have learnt over time that we only need four basic things to survive. As long as you can eat, drink, sleep and shower — life goes on. You live to see a new day and you progress to see life get better on its own.

We really have to focus on these basics and get through life if it feels like we can do nothing else. It will pass. Even if we are too excited and have too much to do, it is these same core basics that will ground us. These human needs necessary for survival should not be forgotten. They practically require no effort. They are natural to life.

Once you feel emotionally stable and stronger, and once you are ready to start taking small steps, here’s my advice. This is the best working roadmap I have found for healthy success so far:

Keep it simple, but crucial.

Let me give you an example. If I told myself I have to clean my room, and it was a big, messy room that I’d put off for days — the list of things to do would daunt me. Mop the floor, dust the shelves, arrange the books, wipe the windows, fold and sort clothes — and then there’s still my long suffering study table left to organize. That’s one fearsome list.

How then, do I overcome the urge in my head to abandon the work and come back tomorrow? If I break it down.

If I tell myself that I could just clean my bed and dust the desk today, and then I could do two other things tomorrow. And then two other, the day after that. That’s a much better solution than trying to get it all done in one day, only to abandon it midway.

Similarly, if I constructed an airtight schedule to adhere to from sunrise to sunset, with about ten steps to burn through everyday — chances are high that I’d feel too overwhelmed to even begin it.

So I tell myself, you’re not obliged to do ten. You just have to do two. Just pick two key things. But those two keys are crucial, non negotiables. You do them everyday, unless you have good reason not to.

And this worked for me. These keys worked like literal keys — they unlocked a better future for the rest of my day. I found myself going out to unexpected places and doing cool new things, and I’d never even planned them. The positive energy from those two keys was creating a ripple effect. It was snowballing my life into being a happier experience.

Once you trust the ocean of your life and swim with the tide, you will discover that the universe rewards your trust.

You are not alone in the adventure of life. You must take one step each day to meet the older and better you. There is a family, society, and many cultural systems in the form of schools and workplaces that are designed to protect you. And you are lucky enough to live and experience life in the universe. Someone loves and cares deeply for you. All of this is a gift none of us can afford to ignore.



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Vandini Sharma

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