A Small Poem for Bhai’s Birthday

My big brother just turned 24 ❤

Vandini Sharma
Jul 21, 2020 · 2 min read

Today is that dawn of July you don’t want us to make a big fuss about

But for your family, you are a bluebell that does not appear every day

Golf tournaments and globe-trotting is the life you chose

And you whisked us all along for the starry eyed ride as well.

You work so hard, but I know you for the lark you are

A goofball that sails the winds

Trying to rap like a true blooded gangster

But no matter how ridiculous you get

The deep care you carry in your heart pierces

Just like light I witness in the heavenly stars.

Be safe, my brother.

Be healthy and strong.

I know you have miles to go before you can rest

But for my sake, you must promise

Not to lose that child-like swagger of yours

In life’s slightly mind numbing hustle.

Time and effort will grow to blossom you

Into everything I believe you have potential to be

And I will hold your hand

Following your steps until the very end

Waiting for the opportunity when you need

The warmth of your truest and oldest friend

Because standing just behind your sunlit shadow

You will always discover me.

Lift You

Warm stories lit in a human spiritual glow to make you see the world afresh.

Vandini Sharma

Written by

18 year old awarded, published writer. A goofy-preachy girl. Warm, soulful thinker for purpose and healing. Shamelessly cheery. Loves people.💖

Lift You

Warm stories lit in a human spiritual glow to make you see the world afresh.

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