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Meet Our College’s National Ranked Badminton Star

I met Agrima Rishi in Apara Ma’am’s lecture

Credited to a wonderful anonymous Pinterest artist

‘Everyone should play a sport for one important reason: Sport teaches you how to tackle every kind of circumstance. It makes you confident.’

‘Whether you win or lose, in whichever situation you find yourself, the game teaches you how to face it head on. All these experiences in my girlhood made me stronger.’

‘He told me, that if people did not treat me equally, I must make myself be treated equally. This has stayed in me. My parents are the ones I feel most grateful for in my life.’

‘All of us give outside factors too much control over our happiness. No one person or object can take the lifelong responsibility of our happiness,’ she said. ‘Whenever we complain or blame something else for our whole life, we lose.’

‘This is what I believe. Everything is temporary, but you remain with yourself all your life. You were not born to please others. Self love is deeply important. Your life is your greatest responsibility.’



Soulful, creative and light hearted stories intended to inspire

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I write soulful, creative & lighthearted stories intended to inspire! 💖 Awarded & published 🇮🇳 writer - AP, Forbes, New York Times & 50+ global credits.