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How To Keep A Friendship Forever

A poem sharing little known secrets ❤

Illustration by one anonymous & amazing artist on Pinterest

Once you find an incredible friend you trust

One whose care and love for you is mutual

It can only be natural to fear

That they might break your heart.

Vanish into the wind

Like a beloved kite floating into the sky

And abandon you like other friends have

In the changing waves of space and time.

Then you must tell your heart to trust

To have faith in them without knowing the future

To believe in your friendship.

You see, the secret to sustaining the spark

Lies in gifting your friend the freedom to fly.

Let your bond become beautifully surprising

A friendship that only they can create

One only they can give to you.

A bond that is unique

One of its kind.

If you can, try to think of your friendship like a kite

Levitating through golden clouds in the sky.

You can see that the kite’s string, is held in your own hands

If you hold too loose, it will float away

Disappearing forever into the clouds.

But hold too tight, and the pressure of the string

Can only sting and bleed your own palm.

The secret then lies

In holding the string precisely right

Gently but surely.

If you can gift your friend the freedom to live

Beyond the invisible puppet strings of your expectations

To not be a prized trophy for you to clutch

Pushing both of you so hard to be ‘best friends’

That you aren’t even being a good friend to them anymore

You must not seek to possess.

But also remember

Don’t be so scared they will disappear.

That you let go of the string first

Avoiding some imaginary pain of separation

That doesn’t even exist.

If you can hold the string of your kite

Gently but surely

You would discover

That you can forever keep your sweet and awesome friendship.

You both would be truly happy

Flourishing and existing together

In the story of each other’s lives forever.




Soulful, creative and light hearted stories intended to inspire

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Vandini Sharma

Vandini Sharma

20 year old awarded & published 🇮🇳 writer. I write soulful, creative & lighthearted stories intended to inspire!✒AP, Forbes, HT & 50+ global credits.💖

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