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Lift You

I Wrote A Poem For My Heart

Just something true & simple that I thought of today

Art credits to an amazing anonymous Pinterest artist. You rock!

A few words I directly addressed to my heart:

You have been like a warm ball of light to live with

Holding your balance somewhere that felt

Right in the center of my ribcage

Like a swell of emotional energy

Though I know that’s not where a heart

Is biologically supposed to be

You are an empathic one, my little heart

Flowing like a tide in any direction that moves you

You feel more deeply than most others

Because I find myself more lost in my emotions than most

The pain of other people always reaches my notice without fail

You never fail to make me pay attention

To the emotions and thoughts of my life’s characters.

Yet — it can hurt, you see

To feel this much

To feel a current of emotion go through you

Like a sudden burst of shivers.

When you float on the tide

Of a song that is just deeply important to you

Or an old memory from long ago that is still blue

Your memory of a look on someone’s face

You can be quite emotionally exhausting, my heart

For you have this rare ability

You make me observe the world

And instantly feel for it too

In that one flutter of time’s fluid movement

You just thrust me into something new

But don’t fear my thoughts on all this

For despite the troubles & joys you put me through

I don’t regret you

I am still grateful for you

I realise

That it is your uniqueness that makes me

Exactly the kind of human I am today

If I feel emotions more seriously

Just because of your inborn form that naturally exists within me

Know that I don’t mind it

And that I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Because whether you make me feel any hesitancy

Or fly by roundabouts of worry or unreasonable dreams

Even if it pains me a bit, to have you sometimes

You also hold my gratitude for life

And all my lightness of spirit

You have compassion for others and compassion for me too

You create me to be

The me I value most.

And so my heart, never change

For I love you just as you are

Your existence makes my life come in innumerable shades

Your glimmering rainbows still look beautiful to me

Even if life pours with blue thunderstorms all around

You make me notice everything

You make me a better person

And I see you for the way you are

Well intentioned, simple and sweet

Just my child-like little heart that blows away

Like a dandelion riding the winds of life

Always bringing new magic into my sight.



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Vandini Sharma

Vandini Sharma

20 year old awarded & published 🇮🇳 writer. I write soulful, creative & lighthearted stories intended to inspire!✒AP, Forbes, HT & 50+ global credits.💖