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Little Things

A small poem about my college experiences ❤

In a world that values the expensive

With an unending heap of glittery things

You can choose to buy and possess

There remains an irreplaceable beauty

About life’s tender and small things.

In small youthful acts of kindness

There exists an innocent magic

That leaves the mind awash with memory

Long after the moment has passed

The glow it leaves in its wake

Still warms the heart.

Like a box of apple slices shared between friends

Like treating everyone to ice cream for free

Like sparing an extra ivory sheet for art class

Like buying a cheese sandwich that’s split in three.

Little things that are alive with a sunlit laughter

Hums of chatter; digs at each other

A burst of friendly college cheer

The sort of camaraderie that refuses to vanish the whole year.

Like bickering over a plate of steaming noodles

Or doing a friend’s hair into waterfall strands

Like lending a shoulder for someone’s tears to fall upon

Giving advice and solace in the face of anxiety.

Through all the classes and general wearines

For everyone this is a timeless global experience

A feeling you can surely recognise

That sweet shared comedy and vulnerability

Of becoming self reliant grown ups together

A season in life that never returns.

Remember this however:

Each of us shine brighter through the generosity

That lies in the little things we do for each other

From me to you, it blooms like a divine carnation

And its magic embraces both of us.



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Vandini Sharma

Vandini Sharma

I write soulful, creative & lighthearted stories intended to inspire! 💖 An awarded & published 🇮🇳 writer in 50+ global papers. 🪶 AP, Forbes, NY Times.