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Lift You

My True Love

On the power of pure bonds ❤

In the sparkle of your eyes

The luminescence of your smile

I see the glimpses of every starlit lyric they write

The great true love people speak of

When they create stories to show on silver screens

But you are my true friend

No, not ‘just’ a friend

Why do people call friends ‘just’?

As if you all exist on some lower branch beneath romance

Your love is purer, more special

Your existence is proof of the universe’s goodness to me

Because that is just the simple, light hearted way

Your presence makes me feel

Our bond endures many more seasons

Than the ever changing skies of romance do

A platonic strength that weathers the storms

A connection that strengthens and renews

I have kept our memories together frozen in time

In the glass memory vials of my mind

Photographs of warm, sunlit joy

Our love is like a pure star

Illuminated by trust and mutual care

It does not ruin the way romance does

Love liberates us instead

It lets me express my fondness for you without fear

It lets me be who I truly am with you

It protects what we have

This respect I have for you

Gives me the power to love not just you

But the soul that lives within you too

Like a glimmer of sun that makes sea water turn crystal

The goodness of your soul reaches me within

And leaves me mesmerised by you

Do you also reminisce about our times together?

Remember when we spoke for hours into the night

Sharing advice, laughter and our fondness for each other

When we walked the lengths of the city

As the sun melted in the sky behind us

Every time we embraced each other safe and tight

Or when we shed tears before each another

In the shades of varying times

Of our pain and laughter alike

Any time I caught a hint of sadness from you

I could never stop myself from consoling you

Hoping that my advice healed

The corner of your heart that hurt

All of this is precious and true

So tell me then

Why is someone special to us usually thought of

As a romantic connection alone?

Our popular culture does not spare us

It does not see

Life could easily be more beautiful otherwise

You could experience much more meaning

Through bonds more long lasting

This is my genuine belief

A person’s way of speaking or their sweet smile

Is not so remarkable if it holds the power

To make your heart flutter with anxiety

That beautiful smile is far more special to me

If it makes you feel fond instead

If it makes you remember a shared youth with them

And if the radiance of their success

Makes you float on their clouds as well

The ocean of romance stories that surround us on silver screens

And the endless breakup lyrics

From popstars looking to make quick money

All these things do not render

The more special bonds in our life inferior

Because if one judges from statistics alone

Platonic love does not fail humans

Even a quarter as much as romance does

It heals your heart instead of breaking it

And so, I will never let anyone say in the end

To you

My true and special friend

The one to whom

I addressed this poem in the beginning

That the warmth of your familiar hand

That holds my own in trust

Is not incredibly important to me

Trust me when I say that

I do love you as well

As a human could ever

Truly love someone else



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Vandini Sharma

Vandini Sharma

20 year old awarded & published 🇮🇳 writer. I write soulful, creative & lighthearted stories intended to inspire!✒AP, Forbes, HT & 50+ global credits.💖