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The Person I Dream to Be 💖

A poem about inner leadership

From a wonderful anonymous Pinterest artist

Being a leader, being an achiever

A woman who is bold and noble

Someone who inspires creativity

Someone who makes others brave enough

To take off and fly

That is the kind of leader

She has always dreamed of being.

Someone who helps lift people’s conviction

In their own selves

Someone whose joy comes from within

But also grows by sharing it with others

And every so often

Just causing it all by herself.

Someone confident and quietly powerful

A leader with an assurance in her eyes

With a steady step, her head held high

A genuine smile

With a warmth that does not imply weakness

A woman who believes that it is

Kindness that usually asks for the most courage & strength.

A people’s person

A speaker of thoughts

Someone with an ability to bring

Everyone together in the service of goodness

A leader under the limelight, yet

Someone who does not believe

In performing under its glare every moment alone

Someone whom people might love

Yet she remains

Someone wise enough not to hunger for it.

Knowing how to accept rejection

A person who knows the importance

Of her own life’s lamp being lit first

The glow it emanates could perhaps

Fill light in someone else’s hands

But only through their own radiance

Could people start to shimmer just as bright.

It is worth remembering that

A star is alone in the night sky without its mirrors

A constellation cannot be created by a single star

A rainbow cannot complete itself with just one shade

Nor could the monsoon look mesmerising

With a single cool raindrop.

The best hope is then, of course

That there prevails a sense of equality

A loyalty, a warm community

A space that has the maturity to honour everyone’s talents

Without the emotions of inferiority or jealousy.

She knows this truth:

All stars shine even brighter

With the grace of their most radiant friends

This helps her believe that it is right

For her to shine truly just as bright.

She has faith that watching a person

Try to take off and fly

May not bring about anxious inferiority

Instead it could inspire her friends

To brush off their fear & open their wings too.

A person with all these shades in her persona

Someone who leads her own life first

Without trying to impress her will on others

A leader worthy of being chosen

That is the kind of leader

She has always dreamed of becoming.



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Vandini Sharma

Vandini Sharma

I write soulful, creative & lighthearted stories intended to inspire! 💖 An awarded & published 🇮🇳 writer in 50+ global papers. 🪶 AP, Forbes, NY Times.