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The Sunflower & the Dandelion

A heartfelt poem about my brother & I ❤

Credits to a lovely anonymous Pinterest artist

In a land of many seasons, far away

Through the purest winter snow

And until the end of spring’s crimson blossoms

A Sunflower and a Dandelion

Grew up together on a mountainside as true & old friends.

They laughed at life & comforted each other

Forever happy in the warmth of familiar company.

And yet they were different from one another

Due to the natural moulds they were born into

The Dandelion was free to float in the air

While the Sunflower stood rooted to the ground

Gently turning her petals to face the sun.

It was hard to catch the Dandelion

He could barely stay in one place long enough

The North Wind summoned the Dandelion to travel the seas

The East Wind brought other friends who wanted his company

The West Wind called him to rejuvenate his health

And the South Wind brought storms that blew him away constantly

Summer and autumn ripened and rose

And yet the Dandelion was lost in the winds.

Now the Sunflower loved her life on the mountainside

Yet it felt like, she always, always kept waiting

Just to see her beloved friend once again

Indeed, she knew the truth

All this flying about was not the Dandelion’s fault

He had a rare gift

He had a calling

It was his dream and his life’s joy to wander

Looking for ways to fulfill and enjoy it

And even though it felt like she waited forever

She quietly thought to herself, ‘Quality, not Quantity.’

And delighted in the things the Dandelion did

On all his big, beautiful adventures in the world.

The kind people he met

The little children he charmed

His flyaway ways of good cheer & compassion

Almost always warmed every heart he found

Indeed — he was a good Dandelion.

Now even though he was much older than her

He had never made her feel very little before him

He steadied the Sunflower when she lost her direction.

And all her victories were celebrated by him

As if they were his very own as well

When she rose up to the sun to give shade to other flowers

He praised her kindness to his friends everywhere

And when she smiled at a passer-by with her petals

He seemed to sparkle with pride alongside her.

It was a union of great balance for these two

Because they always rose to shelter each other without fail

She tried to make sure that the Dandelion did not lose

The pure child hidden within him that she knew

That beautifully goofy, sunlit side of his

She tried to preserve as she had always seen it

Since the moment she had entered the world

She recognised his true self so well

Because she had always tried

To model herself after the good Dandelion.

After knowing all of this

The Sunflower didn’t mind his irregular presence anymore

Because even though she stood rooted to the soil

She could really reach above her stalk to grow very high

She watched him soar above the green meadows

Looking up to see his starlit path in the sky

Like her very own personal North Star

In her heart, it felt like they were always together

Whether he floated near or farther away from her in the world.



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Vandini Sharma

Vandini Sharma

I write soulful, creative & lighthearted stories intended to inspire! 💖 An awarded & published 🇮🇳 writer in 50+ global papers. 🪶 AP, Forbes, NY Times.