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Lift You

You Loved Me When I Was Lost

A poem dedicated to all parents ❤

By Shotlist on Unsplash

There were times in life when no words could pierce

The cold, heavy shell of emptiness that clothed me completely.

My days blended into a gray sludge

Shadows dotted with specks of light.

Dead habit and procrastination watered down

Growing heavier in the the dim clouds of my mind

And fell as cool droplets of depression.

I’d cycle and escape from home

Taking refuge in sunlit parks and quiet gardens

Loneliness drenched its sore wound

Through my heart but I couldn’t

Bear the thought of company and talking.

You were always there

And waited for me even when no words of yours

Could reach my ears and comfort me.

You held my hand

And pushed and fought with me to change

Telling me it was just a dark storm that would pass.

Those specks of lights in my shadowy days

Existed because of you.

You were angry for me when

I couldn’t summon up the emotion for myself.

You fed me, helped me sleep and kept me warm

You got me through day to day even when

I felt I wasn’t doing much living at all.

You never gave up on me

And showed me that

Family is an unbreakably strong bond.

And you were right about time’s waves

They washed over me and revealed a new sunrise

I slowly unearthed my confidence and dreams once more

And took faithful, trembling steps

To stand on my own feet again.

Time did it’s thing to make me strong

And as I worked hard to rebuild my foundations, you cheered me on.

I saw that the ruins that had surrounded me

Weren’t of myself

They were just the ash you clear away after the fire burns

But I was locked inside

Alive and glowing like a gemstone.

I will always remember this truth

That you were there for every breath

That was hard for me to take in those difficult times.

And for that love of yours

Just your being there

I can never express my eternal gratitude enough.

Note: This poem is drawn from the true feelings of a close friend whom I helped counsel. I hope it finds echoes in the hearts of parents and teenagers.



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