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Great Lessons After I Tested Covid Positive

I found so many wisdoms in my self-isolation days

Two weeks ago I got a bad cough. But, I didn’t feel surprised after my covid test showed a positive result. It was like I felt something strange in my cough. My chest was sick every time my cough was coming. I have sinusitis symptoms so I could distinguish the difference.

And yes, the result was positive. I arranged myself and I called my parents. They were shocked but they tried to make me feel better. I was tested at my office. So the doctors came to my office once a week to do the test. And in my third test, I was positive.

I found true loves

Why I use ‘true loves’ instead of ‘true love’, because when I was doing my self-isolation at my home, I got so many gifts, prays, and also the ultimate attention from my family. It was plural. I feel blessed and still warm now, even I’m tested negative.

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In the middle of my self-isolation, I just had a light symptom but my mental health started to decline. Yes, I’m an extrovert, and I’m prone to anxiety if I can’t meet people in real life and I will feel exhausted if I only stay in my bedroom. Sometimes I wanted to cry because of the loneliness.

Fortunately, my family was trying their best to encourage me. My Mom cooked my favourite foods, and I almost cried because I couldn’t taste anything. I love food so much.

Then I heard death news almost every day around my house. I read much sad news from WhatsApp and social media. It triggered another hollow in my head. But, once again, my best friends, my writing class participants, and others who know me on social media were sending their best effort to support me.

It was precious. You never know if one positive sentence can enlighten or helping someone to struggle more.

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Being productive also reducing my stress level

I need some activities to maintain my sanity. Talking with my friends through video calls or chats only distracted me for a while. I need something to be focus.

Therefore, although I postponed some writing classes, I did some online meetings to share my ideas in writing. Then, I bought more books and a painting-by-number kit to start colouring on canvas. I also joined online classes to shift my mindset.

Learning, reading, and having some targets helped me to be in a good mental state. I was lucky because I didn’t need to go to a hospital.

We never know when will this pandemic be over. Staying at home and don’t go outside if it isn’t necessary. And I agree with this quote, ‘blessing in disguise’.



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