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Living as a Wordpreneur

I tell my story to live my passion

This is my draft to fulfil my first speech, it’s called Ice Breaker speech. I choose Presentation Mastery as my pathway (curriculum in Toastmasters).

Let’s start:

I love reading so much since I was a little kid. My Mom taught me how to read by spelling the newspaper and writing it in a book. Then, I can read without spelling when I was almost 5 years old. One day, I wrote my first fiction story after feeling upset with my Mom. Perhaps, I was in the second grade. My Mom is like Asian Mom. She has many rules and discipline (but, thanks to her, now as a young adult, I can achieve my dream because of the power of discipline).

I wrote a story named Rea who was sad because of her Mom. Although I used a fictional name, My Mom could know if it was about her. She wasn’t angry, she knew that I had writing talent. Then, I wrote many short stories in my books. My teachers and my classmates read it and they loved how I could write a unique storyline. One day, one of my friends wanted me to write a story based on her favourite genre. I said, “I just write what I like. Writing needs energy and time, if you pay me, I will write a story for you.”

Honestly, I said it just to refuse her request. Surprisingly, she said, “Ok, so how much rupiahs that I should pay?”

Then, my writing business started when I was in the third grade. I made a Title and Genre catalogue so my friends (or customer) could choose. I cut my writing book into a rectangular shape and used colourful buffalo paper as the cover. I wrote almost every day after I was finishing my homework. This business lasted for almost a year, then I stopped it because I wanted to focus on my education.

Long story short, I was attracted to learning many languages. I decided to learn the Japanese language at a university while reading English books in order I didn’t forget it. After graduating from my university, I worked in a steel company as a Japanese interpreter staff. Yeah, I became a finalist in a novel-writing competition and published my first book. I was reminded of my childhood dream.

What if I pursue my dream as a book author while learning a new language? Why should I limit myself?

Finally, I took a decision. I studied about Japanese language and its culture at the university while reading many books to practice. I prepared myself. I made a long-term plan since I graduated from high school. I wrote, “I want to be a Japanese Interpreter and become an inspiring writer. “

Even though I have 2 different dreams, I could find the dots. It’s about storytelling.

I learned step by step. After publishing my first novel, I learned how to be a content writer and blogger. Years passed, and now I can make a personal brand for myself. I am a Wordholic, a girl who loves to read and write words, and now I become a Wordpreneur. Now, I’m in the new season. I need to polish my public speaking skill in English.

Because I’m a Wordpreneur, I want to spread my ideas in the right community and learn to build my leadership. I found Eagle Toastmasters on Instagram, and then last month I decided to join and start my new journey as a Wordpreneur. How about you, friends?

Have you lived in your dream or passion?

Find your muse and start growing right now.



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