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I am the main character in my life

Nothing special on my birthday, but because it’s in September, almost reaching the end of the year, I always use my birthday as the contemplating hours. I will review all of my achievements, failures, and plan for the next three months. I can say, I’m proud of my life, especially since I started a new job in my recent company in 2017.

After I graduated from my university, I experienced and did many trial errors to find my true call. I couldn’t save because I was busy entertaining myself after some problems and mistakes. I said it as a lesson phase until I knew what I want to do. I don’t have any regret because from the failures and wrong decisions, I can step up on the right path (although I don’t know what my future will be).

The Season of My Life

I have written in previous Instagram post that our life has seasons. When I was a little kid until teenager, I learned and tried to look for my life purpose. After I graduated from university, the second season was started. But, I chose some wrong paths until I realized. I looked for an expert to coach me and build my own passion to be a reality. Yes, I have a great job as a Japanese Interpreter, book author, and content writer, but I want more.

From 2018–2019, I learned to polish my soft-skill and bought many books or e-course. I met many people and challenged myself to build a side-hustle platform called Wordholic Class. Then, I had a purpose to save money for travelling, retirement, and creating a culture before I recruit some freelancers as my core team.

It was great turbulent moments and crazy months. I started Wordholic Class alone and now I have 5 great people to walk together. How about my love life? Yeah, I met and dating with some people, but I still don’t find ‘’the One’’. I have a clear vision about my life and my future spouse, so I never waste my time again being in a toxic relationship for too long as in my younger days. Life is too short to be wasted with someone who can’t appreciate me as a partner or human being.

Practising Law of Attraction

Believe it or not, I get many opportunities to publish in major publisher again digitally, invited as a guest speaker on many great platforms or events, and reach my current goal as a writing coach because of Law of Attraction. I manifest and make Vision Board. Then, some women are asking me to coach them. That’s why I create Mindset Shifting private class.

I have achieved my big goals in 2022 so I just want to try a new challenge. I have registered in Eagle Toastmaster, one of Toastmaster Club in Surabaya. The next biggest investment after I use my saving to register Wordholic Class to get HAKI (brand intellectual property rights).

I draw my life like a cinema. I plan my goal-setting and also being happy to be fearless and carefree. Human Design, The Four Tendecies, Magnetic Copywriting, are some new topics that I’m currently studying to understand myself deeply.

As my 3/5 generator type in Human Design and my core results in Talent Mapping, I can live my life in mindfulness.

Maybe I will be wrong again, but I have tools to redesign and rebuild because I believe I can own everything I want in abundance life.

Knowing myself is the biggest asset to play in my own movie. This is my cinematic beautiful movie and I’m the main character.



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