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The Lesson From The Example

What I got from my parents

While other parents are insisting their children to read, my parents gave me the example. When other parents are asking their kids to say ‘sorry, thanks and please’, my parents said it first to me and their friends or family.

My parents aren’t perfect, we also often argue, sometimes I can be angry or Mom yelled at me because of my stubbornness. However, they never force me and my brother to be the perfect image of a kid should be done. They gave us the way to live and how to struggle.

Lead with The Example

Some of my friends sometimes told me about their complaint about their parents. Their parents forced them to choose what they wanted to do. My friends couldn’t refuse because they weren’t afraid if they choose another path, they will have a difficult life.

Funny to know, their parents did otherwise. For example, they wanted my friend to speak politely but they often yelled and degrading what my friend wanted to do. How we can grow as a respectable adult if our parents never give the best example? Environment or school are complementary tools in education. The family has the biggest role to build the basic education, what else for building someone’s character.

My Parent’s Advice

We aren’t rich but we have pride, bravery, knowledge and compassion.
My Mom best advice is ‘Be brave even you’re a woman. Be smart because you will be your children’s first teacher. Be responsible with all of your choice no matter what.’’

And Dad’s impressive message is ‘What dream will you achieve next? We won’t give you much money but we will lead you to know how to survive and living this unpredictable life’.

I’m aware of how scary the teen’s world in recent days. I worry, can I raise my own kid well? The online world is more attractive, cyberbullying and hoaxes are everywhere, sometimes parental bond is lost because the children refuse to believe their parents.

But, thinking about how my parents raising me, somehow I can feel relieved. We don’t need perfection, but as a parent, we should learn together with our children. They will be our teacher. Every kid has a different approach. Keep our faith to our God, then growing together with them. To love is to live and grow.




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